15 Horizontal Based Plyometric Progressions

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How To Progress Safely From >0.25s to <0.25s

One for all you athletes and coaches out there!

Lets get refocussed and get back to working on things that are going to develop you or your athletes athletically.

The two major athletic abilities i continually see underdeveloped during fitness testing and sports performance when remotely consulting with athletes and teams are;

Jumping Ability

Plyometric Progression Thumbnail

Running Mechanics

Running Mechanics

Enchancing both these qualities has the potential to improve sports peformance and lower injury risk. Even better they require no to minimal equipment.

The attached video is a 15 exercise floor based progression model for horizontal plyometrics.

This model provides safe guidelines for developing the stretch reflex from >0.25sec landing mechanics to a stretch reflex for optimal sports performance <0.25sec via 15 plyometric progressions

The model includes two progressive overloading mechanisms


  1. Force Production / Force Absorbtion
  2. Low Eccentric SSC Introduction
  3. SSC Development
  4. High Eccentric SSC


  1. Landing Mechanics
  2. Bilateral
  3. Unilateral Alternate
  4. Unilateral Ipsilateral

Coaches and Athletes shall also find training load guidelines via

Session Foot Contacts

  • Beginners – 30 – 100
  • Intermediate – 100 – 200
  • Advanced – 200+

Reps & Sets Guidelines

  • Bilateral – 3sets x 5reps to 6sets x 5reps = 15 – 30 foot contacts
  • Unilateral – 2sets x 5reps to 3sets x 5reps = 20 – 30 foot contacts

In theory athletes and coaches could use these plyometric progressions and guidelines to build a periodized plyometric training plan which could last for 12 months+ depending on the progress of you or your athletes.

Athletes or coaches requiring a more individualised programming just fill out the contact form below or visit the setanta fitness website to view more information or online training options via our training app.


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