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SFIT Weekly Plan

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Monday SFIT – Resisted Circuits

Mondays are about getting a good start to the week by training in the green / yellow zones (Intensity – 70%+). We use timed resisted circuits to elevate your heart rate and burn those calories whilst at the same time providing mechanical stress to develop muscle tone and strength endurance. All forms of resistance are used including bodyweight, dumbells, kettlebells, barbells and medicine balls.

Tuesday SFIT – Heavy Strength

Tuesdays we let the metabolic system take a rest (Intensity 50% – 65%) and focus more on developing neuromuscular strength via lifting heavier weights. The aim of this session is to make you stronger not to make you big and muscley.

Wednesday SFIT – Cardio Zone Match

Wednesdays, we reboot your metabolic system by opening up your lungs and burning those calories by training again in the green / yellow zones (Intensity – 70%+). This time however, we focus on cardio equipment including airbikes, spin bikes, skiergos, rowers and our indoor running track. We use our myzone system zone match challenges to add some fun to these sessions and keep you on track to hit your MEPs goal for the day or week.

Thursday SFIT – Strength High Reps

Following Wednesdays modertaely hard metabolic work we revert back to working our neuromuscular strength (Intensity – 60 – 75%). This time we use lighter weights but higher reps focusing on strength endurance and muscle tone with lots of core work included aswell.

Friday SFIT – Hard WOD

All week we have been teasing your body by upping and lowering your training intensities and volumes. This is a process of training and adapting. Friday is about testing how much you have improved from last week. The aim of this session is to push you into your red zone (Intensity 90%+) via WOD’s. Expect everything and anything to be thrown at you on a Friday.

Saturday SFIT – Bodyweight MEPs Catchup

Saturdays are no fuss training days. Nice and simple, no fancy equipment. We just use your bodyweight to finish out the training week targeting all areas of the body, finishing with a good old core blast. For those SFITTERs recording their weekly MEPs points this is a great way to catchup on your weekly / monthly MEPs target if you are lagging behind.


We have a range of flexible membership options to suit your lifestyle and budget. You can just pay as you go for £5 per class or select one of the class membership options below.

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How To Join Up

You can join up and book into one of the SFIT classes via our website or by downloading our glofox members app. Just click on your preferred link below or access our simple how to guides by clicking the support tab button on our website. If you need any further help just use the contact form below.

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